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Combining new school trends with an old school technique to create

fun music education resources for teachers and students.


ReMix 1. For Elementary and Middle School General Music classes. The ultimate back-to-school music lesson plan using an original re-mix of Drake's 2018 summer anthem "KiKi, do you love me?" but with a musical twist! "Music, you know I love you!" You and your students are going to love this creative lesson that will inspire you to dance, play instruments, and make beautiful music.


ReMix 2. For Elementary and Middle School General Music classes. Continue the fun of combining Hip Hop and Orff! Your students will learn about Havana, Cuba, the culture, instruments, and dance, while playing the original instrument ReMix to a popular song.


ReMix 3. End of the year activity for 3rd-5th graders. Use the standards-based lesson plans to teach form, rhythm, beat, and playing instruments while also having fun with a fun popular song. Make those connections with your students! Use what they are familiar with to show them that music is fun! This activity includes a video of my students who learned and performed this in class. Enjoy!


What has been the number 1 song on the hot 100 Billboard charts, Summer of 2019? Yes, “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus! I created this activity for my 3rd and 4th grade students because they would not stop singing this song the last few weeks of school. Use this activity as an extension or simply just for fun. Your students will love Old Town Road with rhythm sticks!


Another great rhythm stick routine for the elementary music class! Use the motivational and upbeat song by Beyoncé to get students excited about your music class. This routine is designed to be used with her song, "Find Your Way Back," from her latest album The Lion King: The Gift.


Teach your students a fun rhythm stick routine to play with the great song, Respect, by Aretha Franklin. Then explore her life and her impact on music as a part of Black History Month or at any time during the year.

_Implementing Music into your Classroom_

This one page document includes songs and artists for the following classroom activities:


Morning Songs

Transition Songs

Background Music

Line Dances

Closing Songs


Use this song list to begin the journey of implementing music into your classroom.